David Sobelman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David has a sole, yet multifaceted, focus on triple net lease investment

properties, on a national scale, which began in 2002. David speaks with authority and experience from every position within a net lease transaction and his role within this ever-popular niche industry entails investing, research, brokerage, management and education.

David practices what he preaches, personally investing in net lease and other real estate assets since 2003, which led to the formalization of a private real estate fund and subsequently a public real estate investment trust (GIP REIT, OTC: GIPR).

Rick Russell

Chief Financial Officer

Rick possesses over 30 years experience in all aspects of International Finance and Accounting, including mergers and acquisitions, treasury, FP&A, and other corporate functions such as legal, internal audit/compliance, risk management and experience. 

Serving as GIP's Chief Financial Officer, Rick leverages his extensive experience to navigate the REIT through becoming a publicly traded company and gaining the stock symbol, GIPR, overseeing the underwriting of GIP's portfolio and pipeline, assisting in Capital Raises and ensuring that GIP is able to continue to acquire properties with the greatest appreciation potential to increase the return provided to investors. 

Stephen Brown

Director of Development

A proven Real Estate Executive with over 30 years experience, Stephen has developed over 100 properties spanning full service restaurants, fast food, retail and gas stations. While serving as the Vice President of Real Estate and Construction for Casual Restaurants Concepts Inc, a franchisee of Applebee's, Stephen assisted in growing the company from 7 stores, $14 Million revenue, to 51 stores, $150 Million revenue. 


 As a seasoned professional in Development, Stephen is spearheading the growth of GIP's development pipeline, allowing GIP to purchase the land and fund the construction of Net Lease Assets, to own from the beginning of the process, maximizing GIP's returns. 

Emily Cusmano

Vice President, Administration

Emily Cusmano has been involved with GIP since its inception and has been working alongside David Sobelman for almost a decade in the net lease industry. Emily orchestrates the many key functions that keep GIP running smoothly and takes care of in and out-of-house organization across all departments.

As a net lease industry, and David Sobelman, expert, Emily allows for seamless communication between investors and the REIT, as well as assisting the rest of the team in any way she can. Having been involved in Real Estate for over 15 years she has become a mentor to the rest of the team for the administration of real estate transactions.