Program Advantages: 

  • Allows for forward planning by developer for both profit on the project and exit strategy

  • Ease of financing as GIPR becomes the one-stop financing partner

  • Greater bargaining power and marketing tools as the partnership between GIPR and the developer provides security to tenants of the developers ability to perform 

  • Increase in deal volume of developers due to a streamlined development process and ease of access to funding

  • Eliminates typical carry costs and risks for the developer

Program Overview: 

GIPR's development program establishes relationships with developers in order to purchase the land and fund the development of projects to assume control upon rent commencement. Through the program, GIPR is able to fund and own assets at a discounted cap rate, aiding the growth of the REITs portfolio. GIPR becomes a one-stop shop for financing deals allowing developers to fulfill long term relationships established with tenants. 

Developer presents site to GIPR for preliminary approval

Developer fully permits and entitles site for closing 

GIPR closes on the land

Rent commences and GIP assumes control of the asset 

Developer earns a

predetermined development fee for performance on the delivery of the asset